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New grades making a rainbow of colour on our mats

judo beltsSome more fantastic grading results! We have a wide range of colours on our mats now, it’s great to see so many coloured belts.

The following new grades have been sent to the British Judo Association:

Promoted to 2nd mon:

  • Archie Crockett
  • Kaiden Southey

Promoted to 3rd mon:

  • Freddie Miller

Promoted to 4th mon (Yellow belt):

  • Isla Savellis-Fry

Promoted to 5th mon:

  • Jacob Boichot

Promoted to 7th mon (Orange belt)

  • Craig McGeever
  • Samuel Boichot

Promoted to 8th mon:

  • Maddi Cox

Promoted to 10th mon (Green belt):

  • Jack Rogerson

Remember, grades will only be submitted upon receipt of the appropriate grading.

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Court Lane players participate in relaunched Hampshire squad sessions

Hampshire training session

Hampshire training session

The first Hampshire training session under the management of Paul Vella and Tony Brown was held last Friday, with guest coach Joph Spencer. Kieron Eagles and Craig Jones were also on the mat.

A number of Court Lane players were among the 35 present – Jonty, Jack, Sam and Jacob all played an active part in the session.

The next session will be held on Friday 15 July, with Court Lane’s own Lewis Dolman as guest coach.


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Xander and Toby fly flag for Court Lane in Round 3 of Team Championships








Xander Harris and Toby Winfield represented the Club in the third and final round of the Hampshire Junior Team Championships.

Gaps in the team were generously made up by players from Holbrook Judo Club, meaning that we fielded a full team for the first time.

Throughout the whole event, we have given novice players their first experience of competition:

Round 1

  • Xander Harris
  • Sam Boichot
  • Mieszko Polak

Round 2

  • Xander Harris
  • Sam Boichot
  • Joel Bassil

Round 3

  • Xander Harris
  • Toby Winfield

We have struggled to field a full team, as most of our players were in the same weight group! Hopefully next year we can fill more weights and give more players a chance. All the players who have taken part have gained valuable experience and developed as a consequence.

Well done to Holbrook!

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Great performances from Court Lane players at Round 2 of Hampshire Team Championships

12801233_10208917630683206_6183626966825701146_nXander, Sam and Joel fought for the club in Round 2 of the team championships today.

Our team was augmented by two players we borrowed from Holbrook.

Xander and Sam produced massively improved performances compared to Round 1, demonstrating the importance of participating in these development events. Joel was in excellent form, winning his first fight with tani otoshi for ippon. He continued his winning streak through the next two rounds, scoring some big wins with a lethal ko uchi gake, which is rapidly becoming a signature move.

Well done everyone, looking forward to continuing our progress in Round 3 in April.

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Round 2 of Hampshire Team Championships this Sunday

DSC_0002Round 2 of the Hampshire Team Championships takes place on Sunday 6th March, at Fleming Park Leisure Centre, Eastleigh.

Weigh in opens at 09.00 with competition starting from approximately 09.45.

The competition is aimed at players aged 8 yrs and above and orange belt or below.

The Junior players are split by weight in the following groups:

Boys – U30 ( min 25kg), U35, U40, U45, U50, U60, O60 ( 73kg max)

Girls – U36 ( min 28kg), U40, U44, U48, O48 ( 57kg max)

Our team for Round 2 is

  • u30 Xander Harris
  • u35 Sam Boichot
  • u40 Joel Bassil

Spectators are welcome, there is free parking and free entry to the centre.

We were hoping to enter a larger team for this Round, but falling on Mother’s Day and with several players also having rugby commitments, it hasn’t been possible.

If there are any players who fit the criteria above and would like to take part this weekend or in the next round (April 3rd) please contact me as soon as possible.



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Challenging start to year for Court Lane players

12662523_10153867573871774_2413798890833781935_nCourt Lane players have made a busy start to the year.

Jonty Bassil and Azhar Baree competed at the Green Belt & Under competition in Worthing in January.

Jonty, making his first serious competition appearance for two years, made a strong showing, winning two and losing two to finish fifth, losing the bronze medal fight. Along the way he scored a spectacular 5 second ippon!

Azhar set himself an uphill challenge, losing his first fight. His second fight was far better, Azhar scoring a yuko early on before conceding a waza-ari with seconds left on the clock.

Today saw Xander Harris, Sam Boichot and Mieszko Polak compete in the inaugural Hampshire Junior Team Championships. With only half a team, winning the day was never a realistic prospect, with experience being the main goal. All three players acquitted themselves well, and were a credit to the club.


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Team selections for rounds 2 and 3 of Hampshire Team Championships

CNV00028Round 2, 6 March

Please note this is Mother’s Day! Please advise if this will cause any difficulty…

  • -30kg Alex Lane
  • -35kg Sam Boichot
  • -40kg Joel Bassil

Round 3, 3 April

  • -30kg Alex Lane or Xander Harris
  • -35kg Sam Boichot
  • -40kg Toby Winfield

We hope to possibly be able to field a girl’s team by the end of the competition, possibly some heavier weight boys as well…

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Updated team selection for Round 1 of the Hampshire Team Championships

Portsmouth Judo teamRevised team for this Sunday:

  • -30kg Xander Harris
  • -35kg Sam Boichot
  • -40kg Mieszko Polak
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Team selection for Hampshire Team Championships, Round 1

hants2000~1Here is the team selection for Round 1 of the Hampshire Team Championships, Sunday 7 February.

-30kg Alex Lane (tbc) Reserve – Xander Harris

-35kg Sam Boichot

-40kg Mieszko Polak

I will announce team for Round 2 later on this week. I am still awaiting clarification if I can enter two players in one weight and alternate them between contnest.

If anyone else wishes to step forward – I have places in all boys weights 40kg+ and in ALL girls weights.

Please add your name in the comments below if you would like to take part in future rounds.

Must be 8-15 years, red, yellow or orange belt and hold a current BJA licence.

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Gradings show continued improvement in players

judo beltsThis week’s grading successes stand as testament to the continued hard work of our players. Congratulations to the following on their achievements:

Promoted to 1st mon:

  • Maxim Zilin
  • Frederick Miller

Promoted to 2nd mon:

  • Rebecca Boichot
  • Fletcher Ellis

Promoted to 3rd mon:

  • Jacob Boichot
  • Alexander Lane
  • Keira Hunns-Clarke

Promoted to 5th mon:

  • Craig McGeever
  • Toby Winfield

Promoted to 6th mon:

  • Samuel Boichot

Promoted to 6th kyu:

  • Dean Smith

Hopefully more to come next week!

Well done everyone



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