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Classes and gradings resume Tuesday 15 March

Tony & Kev have both tested negative for Covid, meaning that classes can resume from Tuesday (tomorrow). Thankfully both only had mild symptoms – although Tony’s took a long time to clear!

With cases on the rise following the removal of mitigations (mask wearing, work from home etc.), please continue to be respectful if you should develop symptoms or test positive – there may be players/parents at the club who fall into the vulnerable categories.

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No Judo Thursday due to Covid

Regrettably we need to cancel the session Thursday 9 March due to Covid amongst the coaches.

Tony is still testing positive (day 6) but only has mild symptoms. Kev has returned a positive result this morning, leaving us with no choice but to cancel this Thursday.

Hopefully we can restart classes on Tuesday, and will resume gradings.

A few reminders:

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Living with Covid

The Government removed most Covid precautions as of 24th February.

We have been instructed to no longer display a Covid QR code for checking in via the Covid-19 app.

Face masks remain a personal choice off the mat.

We would ask that players especially or parents who think they may have Covid treat it the same as they would any other contagious disease – chicken pox, measles, colds etc. – and not attend until they are satisfied that they are no longer contagious.

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And here we go again…

Like you, we groaned when news of the new Covid variant was announced.

So far we have not been advised of any changes required to Judo practice or school usage.

Guidance remains as before:

  • Do not attend if
    • You or someone in your household has tested positive. Please isolate in line with Government guidance
    • You or someone in your household has symptoms associated with Covid-19
  • Sanitise hands
  • Consider wearing a mask off the mat
  • Maintain sensible distance from others off the mat
  • Enter via the playground and exit via the car park to reduce bunching by the desk
  • Regular testing is recommended

Sanitiser is available in the hall, we will continue to keep windows open to provide ventilation as the virus is predominantly airborne.

Please continue to check in using the Covid-19 app to enable contact tracing.

We will update you if we are advised of any specific conditions relating to Judo or hall use.

Updated 1st December 2021

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Covid precautions – a reminder

With the sharp increase in the number of cases of Covid reported over the last few days – nationally and locally – please remember the following simple precautions when visiting the Club:

  • A one way system is in operation – enter from the playground, exit to the car park.
  • Hand wash – cleansing gel is available in the hall.
  • ALL players and coaches need to complete a Covid declaration for each session – either online or paper copy in the Club.
  • Coaches, players over 16 and spectating parents need to log in via the NHS Covid-19 app – we have our own QR code you can scan.
  • Unless you are exempt, face coverings should be worn off the mat.

Thanks you for your continued support.

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Return to adult judo likely to be delayed

John Buchanan Choke

Messages from Government today indicate that it is likely that lifting of final restrictions covering gatherings, sports participation etc. are likely to be delayed following a rise in positive tests, largely linked to the new Delta variant. Reassuringly hospital cases, whilst growing, are not increasing at the same rate, indicating that the vaccine programme is effective (with caveats about number of received doses).

You can read a more detailed analysis here.

It looks as if adult judo judo will be delayed until mid July – and as we are likely to be shut over the school holidays, that effectively means September for us.

We will confirm more detail as soon as we can.

In the meantime, the mantra (vaccinated or not) remains Hands – Face – Space – Fresh Air.

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Don’t forget your Covid declaration!

Training tonight?

Don’t forget to complete your Covid declaration at (paper copies are also available at the Club).

Everyone aged 16+ who is remaining at the Club is also required to leave contact details for Track and Trace – this can be on paper but is easier for us to manage if you simply scan the Club’s QR code using the Covid-19 app.

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Junior Judo restarts from 27th April

After a break of over a year, due to the Covid pandemic, we are delighted to announced that full contact judo will resume from Tuesday 27th April!

In the short term, classes are available for players aged under eighteen only. Hopefully adult classes can resume from June.

We will be running a reduced schedule initially, with two classes on Tuesday nights ONLY. We hope to return to two nights a week from beginning of June. Class times remain as previous, 6 and 7pm. Class duration will be slightly reduced to allow for mat cleaning between and after sessions. Look out for a future post where we will detail all the steps we are putting in place to make it a Safe Return to Judo, and the steps you and your children will need to follow to enable this to happen.

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A way forward…

Yesterday’s announcement from the Government gave us cause for hope.

11 months after we closed the dojo, there is light at the end of the tunnel. In a speech that emphasised data over dates, there were still several key dates. Below is our take on what these might mean for us.

8 March – schools return, outdoor after school sports and activities can resumePossibility of resuming outdoor training sessions?
29 March – Organised outdoor grassroots sports can resumeOutdoor training sessions can resume
12 April – gyms can reopenChildren can return to mat based training – no contact – although this may not be until 17 May
17 May – Indoor group exercise classes can resumeAdults can return to mat based training
21 June – most social distancing requirements removedReturn to some form of recognisable judo – uchikomi and kata, possible randori and shiai?

This is just our take – we are awaiting guidance from British Judo, who will be in consultation with Department of Culture Media and Sport. We are also obviously dependent on the school agreeing our return to the premises.

Much is dependent on the infection rate and hospitalisations remaining their downward trend, and the rollout of vaccines. Please remember to keep following the mantra of Hands – Face – Space to keep yourself and others safe – Portsmouth’s judo and martial arts community has suffered at least one loss due to Covid this year, we know of other people who have also died following infections.

Whilst we wait to return, don’t forget to make sure your licence remains in date so you can continue to participate in online training sessions organised by British Judo, and take advantage of other benefits. Your licence must be in date to return to the mat.

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10 months and counting…

When we closed the club in March 2020, a week before the first national lockdown, none of us really envisaged that 10 months later our mats would still be empty.

We were lucky enough to be able to run some sessions outdoors over the summer, but our return to indoor training has been knocked back – first from November 2020 to January 2021, and now indefinitely in the third national lockdown. We remain committed to opening when it is safe to do so.

Like everyone else, we await the lifting of Covid restrictions. Infection rates are falling, but are still high; and hospital admissions and deaths show no signs of abating. Sadly, Covid related deaths have even affected Portsmouth’s judo community.

International judo has been affected, as has been the Olympics. It is probably 50-50 at best if the rescheduled 2020 Tokyo Games will take place this year. GB’s Alice Schlesinger has announced her retirement, missing her last Games, and Nekoda Smythe-Davis has announced her withdrawal from the selection race for Tokyo as she recovers from a serious concussion.

We hope you are taking advantage of the online sessions organised by British Judo. These are FREE to licensed members – another reason to keep your British Judo membership in date. You can book on to these sessions here.

Thank you for your continued support of the Club via Portsmouth Lottery and Easyfundraising. With online shopping our new normal, this is a great way to generate donations to the Club, at no cost to yourself. Funds raised will help us to weather the current pandemic and return stronger when we can get back on the mats, with whatever restrictions may still be in place. Judo, martial arts and other indoor contact sports will be the last to return to normal.

Please remember it is OK not to feel OK! The last year has been extremely testing for everyone. British Judo has published a list of organisations who can offer support if you or members of your family are struggling. Alternatively, you may find suggestions in Dr Rangan Chatterjee’s book ‘Feel Better in 5’ helpful. The Morning and Evening Flows are great stretching and relaxation processes, whilst guidance on daily gratitude list, affirmations and breathing practices may also be of benefit.

Finally, stay safe, look after each other and we look forward to seeing you all back on the mat when it is safe to do so.

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