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New grades confirmed

Congratulations to Chloe who was promoted to 10th mon (green belt) last night.

Since joining us as as a yellow belt, Chloe has won a number of medals and represented Hampshire in the Inter County tournament. This is the next step on Chloe’s judo journey, we are very proud of you Chloe – well done!

Chloe will be competing at the Kent International this weekend.

Belated congratulations also to Hani, who was awarded 1st Sho at the end of May.

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Grading resources

Just a quick reminder as we move into our next phase of grading, the BJA has published a host of grading resources online. These include videos, and downloadable copies of Sho, Mon and Kyu syllabi.

Please make sure your contact details are up to date on The Dojo, the BJA’s online membership system – this is migrating to a new system starting this Saturday and will be off line for about three weeks. Details can be amended and new memberships taken out until end of day Friday.

Due to the Dojo outage, there will be a delay registering grades with the BJA – so please remember to bring in your licence book so that this can be updated with grade details. This will be the only proof of grade until The Dojo is back up and running.

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Latest new grade!

Congratulations to Alice Hellier who passed her examination for 1st mon.

Next grading date to be announced soon.

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More new grades confirmed

Congratulations to the following, who successfully graded yesterday:

  • Rebeka Bernere – 3rd sho
  • Imogen Foster – 1st mon
  • Gary Curtis – 6th kyu

All your grades have been registered with the BJA.

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Congratulations to all our new grades

After a mammoth grading effort – not helped by both Tony and Kev having to isolate due to Covid – over 20 new grades have been registered with the BJA!

Congratulations to :

  • Nevaeh Langley – 1st sho
  • Connor McCormack – 4th sho
  • Oliver Bernere – 4th sho
  • Natalia Langley – 1st mon
  • Xander Langley – 1st mon
  • Fabian Rodgers – 1st mon
  • Oscar Rodgers – 1st mon
  • Liam Cordery – 1st mon
  • Yameenah Baree – 1st mon
  • Zakariyya Baree – 1st mon
  • Harley Williams – 1st mon
  • Harry Webb – 1st mon
  • Jack Buckner – 1st mon
  • Harriet Stevenson – 2nd mon
  • Edward Stevenson – 2nd mon
  • James Passingham – 3rd mon
  • Lewis Hook – 5th mon
  • Chloe Lymer – 9th mon
  • Ryan Southey – 6th kyu
  • Connor Southey – 6th kyu
  • Paul Kelly – 4th kyu

Grading certificates etc. will be despatched directly from the BJA shortly.

There are a few players who were unable to grade for various reasons, hopefully we can add their names to this list shortly!

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Classes and gradings resume Tuesday 15 March

Tony & Kev have both tested negative for Covid, meaning that classes can resume from Tuesday (tomorrow). Thankfully both only had mild symptoms – although Tony’s took a long time to clear!

With cases on the rise following the removal of mitigations (mask wearing, work from home etc.), please continue to be respectful if you should develop symptoms or test positive – there may be players/parents at the club who fall into the vulnerable categories.

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No Judo Thursday due to Covid

Regrettably we need to cancel the session Thursday 9 March due to Covid amongst the coaches.

Tony is still testing positive (day 6) but only has mild symptoms. Kev has returned a positive result this morning, leaving us with no choice but to cancel this Thursday.

Hopefully we can restart classes on Tuesday, and will resume gradings.

A few reminders:

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Gradings tonight / your help wanted!

First night of our planned grading block tonight, and we are are looking forward to seeing all the new grades being awarded.

However, we need your help! Tony is currently isolating with Covid (timing is everything…) and hoping to back for Thursday, as today is day 5. Is there anyone who can help with laying mats and taking mat fees tonight, so that Kev can start on time? If so, please meet Kev in the main hall for 5.30pm or as soon as possible after.

Obviously this does mean that gradings may take longer than first envisaged, but everyone will get a chance!

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Grading fees

We hate to talk money, but with gradings starting from Tuesday 8th March we felt it appropriate to remind you of grading fees. These fees are set by British Judo, a mat fee is payable as well.

We will not register new grades until the appropriate grading fee is paid to the club. You must also produce proof that you are registered as a current member of the British Judo Association by presenting your membership card. The grading coach will need to sign up your record book with your new grade – this will be checked should you enter competitions.

Grading fees are:

Sho grades – FREE

Mon grades – £14

Kyu grades – £20

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Gradings to be held in March

Sho, Mon and Kyu gradings will be held throughout March.

February sessions will be devoted to grading prep across all syllabi, to ensure that players are as prepared as possible. Please ask if there is anything in particular that you would like us to cover. As always, do not forget the personal choice element of the grading!

A video guide to the Mon and Kyu techniques can be found here. Sho techniques also have an online video demonstration.

Players must hold a full BJA licence to grade. Licence details are available here.

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