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Latest new grade!

Congratulations to Alice Hellier who passed her examination for 1st mon.

Next grading date to be announced soon.

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More new grades confirmed

Congratulations to the following, who successfully graded yesterday:

  • Rebeka Bernere – 3rd sho
  • Imogen Foster – 1st mon
  • Gary Curtis – 6th kyu

All your grades have been registered with the BJA.

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Medal success marks return to competition

Court Lane Judo Club returned to competition after a long hiatus due to the Covid pandemic, when three players entered the 2022 Hampshire Closed.

Lewis Hook secured gold in his category, winning all his fights with ippon.

Chloe Lymer fought in a group where three three different weight groups were combined, securing a silver medal.

Michael Churcher made his full senior debut, and had seven excellent contests. Michael beat some higher graded players and was unlucky to just miss out on a medal.

Well done everyone!

Thanks also to the players who made the effort to come along and support – it was greatly appreciated.

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Congratulations to all our new grades

After a mammoth grading effort – not helped by both Tony and Kev having to isolate due to Covid – over 20 new grades have been registered with the BJA!

Congratulations to :

  • Nevaeh Langley – 1st sho
  • Connor McCormack – 4th sho
  • Oliver Bernere – 4th sho
  • Natalia Langley – 1st mon
  • Xander Langley – 1st mon
  • Fabian Rodgers – 1st mon
  • Oscar Rodgers – 1st mon
  • Liam Cordery – 1st mon
  • Yameenah Baree – 1st mon
  • Zakariyya Baree – 1st mon
  • Harley Williams – 1st mon
  • Harry Webb – 1st mon
  • Jack Buckner – 1st mon
  • Harriet Stevenson – 2nd mon
  • Edward Stevenson – 2nd mon
  • James Passingham – 3rd mon
  • Lewis Hook – 5th mon
  • Chloe Lymer – 9th mon
  • Ryan Southey – 6th kyu
  • Connor Southey – 6th kyu
  • Paul Kelly – 4th kyu

Grading certificates etc. will be despatched directly from the BJA shortly.

There are a few players who were unable to grade for various reasons, hopefully we can add their names to this list shortly!

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Court Lane supporters hit a winning groove

Court Lane supporters playing the Portsmouth Lottery have hit a groove, selecting winning numbers two weeks in succession.

A weekly prize of £25,000 is up for grabs, with a percentage of the ticket price coming back to good causes who have signed up to the Lottery. Bonus prizes are also offered – currently a £1,000 B&Q voucher is up for grabs.

You can purchase a ticket and support the club here.

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First grading success of 2022

Congratulations to Connor McCormack, who has successfully completed the examination for promotion to 3rd Sho.

Details of all grading schemes, and how to apply for your membership to access the grading system, can be found on the British Judo website.

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Competition roundup

Due to the pandemic, it’s been a while since we had any competition results to celebrate.

Even when clubs reopened, competitions were a way behind, with players being asked to evidence so many hours of practice beforehand.

Two players associated with the Club have ventured back out onto the competition circuit, with great success.

Jonty Bassil, representing the Royal Navy, won gold at the Samurai club in Kidderminster in October, and picked up points towards his black belt – well done Jonty!

Chloe Lymer joined a team from Holbrook Judo Club to take part in a competition at another Samurai Judo Club, this time in Southampton, returning with a well deserved silver medal.

Congratulations to both players! We hope to see more players returning to competition next year as we continue to come out of the pandemic.

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Latest promotion successes

We are delighted to announce our latest new grades. Some of these are long overdue, having been delayed by the club’s enforced shutdown.

Congratulations to:

  • Harriet Stevenson – 1st mon
  • Renee Cleugh – 2nd mon
  • Ophelia Cleugh – 2nd mon
  • Chloe Lymer – 8th mon
  • Mieszko Polak – 9 mon

All grades have been registered with the British Judo Association, hopefully formal acknowledgement will not be too delayed!

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Latest grading results

Congratulations to the following players, who all successfully completed their promotion examination:

  • Blake Stirling – 1st mon
  • Edward Stevenson – 1st mon
  • Henry Freemantle – 1st mon
  • James Passingham – 2nd mon

Looking forward to more players achieving success next week!

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Sho grading successes

Congratulations to the following players who graded successfully last week:

  • Rebekah Bernere – 2nd sho
  • Connor McCormack – 2nd sho
  • Oliver Bernere – 3rd sho

Mon and kyu gradings will be held this week. Good luck everyone!

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