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Sho grading successes

Congratulations to the following players who graded successfully last week:

  • Rebekah Bernere – 2nd sho
  • Connor McCormack – 2nd sho
  • Oliver Bernere – 3rd sho

Mon and kyu gradings will be held this week. Good luck everyone!

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Summer Judo

We are delighted to announce that this summer, for the first time in many years, judo will continue over the school break.

Saturday morning classes will run from 24th July to 28th August. Classes will be scheduled from 10.00 to 11.15, and will be available to all players, regardless of which session they normally attend on a Tuesday or Thursday. Normal mat fees will apply.

PLEASE support this initiative, we have been desperately keen to re-secure summer sessions for a long time.

Our final Thursday evening session will be Thursday 22 July, with our autumn timetable recommencing from Tuesday 7 September (school will still be shut on Tuesday 31 August, Thursday 2 September is an inset day)

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Sho grading results

Congratulations to the following players who successfully completed their Judo Kids grading this week:

  • Oliver Bernere – 2nd Sho
  • Connor McCormack – 1st Sho
  • Rebekah Bernere – 1st Sho

We will hold a Mon grading in July.

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Court Lane Judo Club secures sponsorship from Window Workshop

We are delighted to announce that we have recently secured a sponsorship deal with leading double glazing firm Window Workshop Hampshire.

Based in Waterlooville, the family run business offers all types of double glazing installations and solid conservatory roofs across Hampshire, West Sussex and Surrey. Also providing double glazing repairs (right down to adding a cat flap), Window Workshop is your one stop shop for all your double glazing needs.

The sponsorship deal offers the club a much sounder financial base than we have enjoyed for some time, and allied to our other fundraising efforts means that we can approach our post-pandemic recovery with increased confidence.

We are very grateful to Steve and Lisa at Window Workshop for making this commitment to us, and look forward to working with them.

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Thursday night training to resume

Following the successful resumption of Tuesday night training at the end of April, Thursday sessions will resume after half term.

The first session will be on Thursday 10th June.

Session times will remain as normal, 6pm and 7pm, and Covid requirements remain in place.

We hope this will encourage more players to return to the club, for whom Thursday may be the only option, as well as doubling training opportunities.

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Another step closer to normal

Following the announcement tonight on further easing of restrictions, we can confirm that as of next week spectators are welcome to stay during sessions.

Please note we are only able to accommodate a limited number of spectators – no more than 3 per session – due to distancing requirements. Spectators and parents must remain a 2 metre distance from other households, and 3 metre from the mat edge. Spectators will be required to scan the club’s QR code for Track and Trace.

Our training offer is currently only open to under 18s – we hope to resume adult sessions from June.

As always, participants must have an in date licence and complete a Covid declaration – full details can be found here.

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Junior Judo restarts from 27th April

After a break of over a year, due to the Covid pandemic, we are delighted to announced that full contact judo will resume from Tuesday 27th April!

In the short term, classes are available for players aged under eighteen only. Hopefully adult classes can resume from June.

We will be running a reduced schedule initially, with two classes on Tuesday nights ONLY. We hope to return to two nights a week from beginning of June. Class times remain as previous, 6 and 7pm. Class duration will be slightly reduced to allow for mat cleaning between and after sessions. Look out for a future post where we will detail all the steps we are putting in place to make it a Safe Return to Judo, and the steps you and your children will need to follow to enable this to happen.

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Return to the mat! (Hopefully).

As you will be aware, easing of Government covid restrictions means that we can start to consider (again!) a return to training.

Outdoor training is permissible from 29 March, with gyms allowed to reopen from 12 April.

We have decided NOT to take up the option of starting outdoor sessions from Monday. Instead, we are targeting the reopening of gyms as a possible date to return our junior (under 18) players to the mat. As the draft guidance (still awaiting sign off from Department of Culture Media and Sport) issued by the BJA on Friday indicated that outdoor training with full contact was possible, for players aged under 18, we are hoping that by time we return to the mat, this will also be possible indoors.

We have been in contact with the school and the Headteacher is happy for us to return from Tuesday 20 April. Hopefully this will be indoors, mat based training for our junior players – decision needs to be ratified by school Trustees, based on the risk assessment we submit. Adults will need to wait a little longer to get back on the mat. If we are not able to return to the mat, we will commence outdoor training from Tuesday 20 April, using the school site.

The graphics below indicate the BJA’s understanding of the current situation:

It is still an evolving situation, all dates remain provisional and are dependent on the Government being satisfied that :

  • the vaccine deployment programme continues successfully
  • evidence shows vaccines are sufficiently effective in reducing hospitalisations and deaths in those vaccinated
  • infection rates do not risk a surge in hospitalisations which would put unsustainable pressure on the NHS
  • our assessment of the risks is not fundamentally changed by new Variants of Concern

We will keep you informed as we approach the target date.

Please make sure your licence is in date for when you return to training!

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Website updates

Some essential maintenance work has recently been undertaken on our website, most obviously it’s move to a secure, industry standard “https” domain. This makes our site much more secure (you may be surprised how many hacking attempts we get…) and enables better integration with our social media feeds.

Many thanks to John Rogerson for sorting this and other background issues for us.

The cost of website hosting, domain registration and email addresses are all part of the hidden costs of running a modern sports club. A digital presence is vital however in the 21st century and will help us to attract new members and keep in contact with current players and parents as we navigate our way out of the Covid pandemic.

You can support us with these hidden costs by playing the Portsmouth Lottery or using the Easyspace portal when shopping online, as we all are these days. Full details can be found on our Fundraising pages.

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A way forward…

Yesterday’s announcement from the Government gave us cause for hope.

11 months after we closed the dojo, there is light at the end of the tunnel. In a speech that emphasised data over dates, there were still several key dates. Below is our take on what these might mean for us.

8 March – schools return, outdoor after school sports and activities can resumePossibility of resuming outdoor training sessions?
29 March – Organised outdoor grassroots sports can resumeOutdoor training sessions can resume
12 April – gyms can reopenChildren can return to mat based training – no contact – although this may not be until 17 May
17 May – Indoor group exercise classes can resumeAdults can return to mat based training
21 June – most social distancing requirements removedReturn to some form of recognisable judo – uchikomi and kata, possible randori and shiai?

This is just our take – we are awaiting guidance from British Judo, who will be in consultation with Department of Culture Media and Sport. We are also obviously dependent on the school agreeing our return to the premises.

Much is dependent on the infection rate and hospitalisations remaining their downward trend, and the rollout of vaccines. Please remember to keep following the mantra of Hands – Face – Space to keep yourself and others safe – Portsmouth’s judo and martial arts community has suffered at least one loss due to Covid this year, we know of other people who have also died following infections.

Whilst we wait to return, don’t forget to make sure your licence remains in date so you can continue to participate in online training sessions organised by British Judo, and take advantage of other benefits. Your licence must be in date to return to the mat.

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