Jack Rogerson triumphs in 10 fight epic at Hampshire Closed

Jack Rogerson on medal podium

Jack Rogerson on medal podium

Jack Rogerson was our sole entrant at this year’s Hampshire Closed.

Fighting at -38kg, he was in probably the largest group on the day but little suspected that he was going to find himself in a 10 fight marathon!

Jack started brightly, and was unlucky to lose his first contest. He put this behind him and commenced on a three win winning streak, scoring some big ippons to look certain to come out of the first pool and progress to the second round.


With places drawn, Jack had to fight two extra contests to guarantee his progress, and did so, winning one and losing one, to end the first pool with a 4-2 win ration, all by ippon.

6 players made it to the final pool, with Round 1 results carried forward, leaving Jack with 4 more fights. In most judo competitions, 5 fights is enough to secure you a medal, Jack had already had 6…

Jack fell victim to a big ippon throw in his first fight back on, but in true warrior style picked himself up for his next contest. He quickly went a yuko score up and looked on course for an easy win, however it turned into the toughest match of the day with his opponent levelling the scores and then inching ahead with another yuko. Jack dug deep and produced a waza-ari score, that he defended to the end.

His next fight was easier, Jack turning and holding his opponent in seconds. 6-3 to Jack!

Jack’s final fight was to determine 3rd or 4th place.. in the end Jack secured the 4th place, after being thrown and pinned.

It was a superb effort from Jack, fighting alone and with an extraordinary number of contests. He was a credit to the Club and we are very proud of him.


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