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Delayed return to mat based training

Whilst we are still awaiting official guidance from British Judo regarding last night’s announcement of another English lockdown, it seems unlikely that our return to training on 10th November will now be countenanced by the school, even if permitted under coronavirus regulations.

Thank you to all those who registered their support for a return to training, and several new prospective players or parents/carers who registered their interest.

To that end we are now proposing, and are in negotiation with the school, to make a new start in the New Year.

Full details will be published at a later date.

It is frustrating, but important that we continue to abide by the rules to manage the spread of the virus.

We appreciate your ongoing support via our fundraising programmes, and hope you all continue to keep safe and well.

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Return to indoor training

The school has given us permission to return to training from Tuesday 10th November.

Please note that this will be in line with Phase 1 of the British Judo Return to Judo plans. The emphasis will be on movement and fitness, as non-elite contact sports are still prohibited under Covid regulations. As anticipated, the school has also put some requirements in place.

We are of course aware that Covid cases are rising around the country and that further restrictions are possible.

Before we commit to a return to training, we are seeking your views – to that end, we are running a poll in our Parents and Players Facebook group, to see whether you support a return to judo related (but not judo) training in the current situation. Please take a few seconds to vote. You can also comment below.

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Update on our Return to Judo

We have submitted details of our planned return to training to the school as requested.

This has included a detailed risk assessment and insurance details for the club.

Additionally we have submitted a grant application to the BJA for support to offset any losses in mat revenue due to reduced mat numbers, and purchase of additional cleaning materials.

In both cases, we are currently awaiting a response.

We will update you all as soon as we have any news.

Don’t forget that in the meantime you can continue to support us via both the Portsmouth Lottery and Easyfundraising. Your support now is more vital than ever and is greatly appreciated. And did you know, Portsmouth Lottery has just had it’s first £25,000 winner!

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A step closer to a safe return to judo

The school has informed us today a return to training is possible from after October half term, subject to us submitting a Covid risk assessment and our requirements being possible with their cleaning schedules.

We are planning a low key return with ONE session only on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. This is to safeguard club finances whilst we gauge interest and appetite for a return to judo.

We are still in Phase 1 of the BJA’s agreed Return to Judo plan – details are available here Please make sure you are familiar with the requirements on you as a player / parent.

Key points to note at present:

  1. BJA membership must be up to date – no licence, no training!
  2. Covid declarations will be required for each session attended
  3. Attendance must be pre-booked – numbers will be limited to allow for social distance (3 square metres per player). Insufficient numbers means sessions will be cancelled. Booking will open a week in advance and close 48 hours before.

More details will follow as details are firmed up.

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Seeking your views on outdoor training going forward

As you will have seen from an earlier Facebook post, we have cancelled the Tuesday sessions in Drayton Park. We have made this decision based on the lack of attendance the last few weeks.

We are now seeking your views on Thursday sessions – is there interest in keeping these sessions going? If so we would look at starting at 6pm, as it is getting darker earlier.

Alternatively, we could look at a session over the weekend if that would be of interest.

Or would you rather wait until we can get back on the mats? Hopefully after the October half term.

Please let us know your views.

This has been an incredibly difficult period for everyone, and a 6 month break from our sport has been unprecedented. We appreciate the support from those who have attended the sessions and welcome your feedback on our suggestions above.

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School’s back – Judo’s not

School’s reopen this week in England, which would usually signal our return to mat based training.

However, the school remains closed to external groups, with a scheduled possible return after the October half term.

In the meantime, training remains outdoor based – Tuesdays at Drayton Park and Thursday at Hilsea Creek (Peronne Road)

Hope to see some of you there this evening – no heatwave or storms forecast for tonight!

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No return until at least October

British Judo’s Return to Judo plan has been signed off by the appropriate agencies, meaning that Phase 1 of a return to judo could commence as of 25th July.

As previously noted, this is in the school holidays so we were cautiously looking at a return on 8th September.

We have since received the following message from the school,

I am writing to advise you that we are not currently inviting any after school or evening lettings to use our premises in September.  The Headteacher and Academy Trust have not taken this decision lightly but with so many of our children coming back in September we need time to ensure all our processes and procedures are in place and working before we allow additional groups to use our spaces. 

I completely understand that this is very disappointing news for you. However, we will be constantly reviewing the guidance and aim to open our spaces after October half term. 

On the positive side, hopefully this means that by the time we go back we will be a phase or two further down the Return to Judo plan – please take time to read this and see what the requirements will be for you as a player or parent. These requirements should be enforced by any other club you may visit in the meantime.

Outdoor training sessions will continue, using Drayton Park and Hilsea Lines. Latest guidance indicates that group sizes for organised activities can now be up to 30 (including coaches, players, spectators) but must remain contact free and appropriately spaced.

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Still no clear date for recommencement of indoor training

We still have no clear idea as to when we can resume indoor training.

The Government has given the go ahead for indoor training from 25 July, however despite repeated attempts to solicit a response from the school, we do not know if we can recommence any type of indoor activity when school reopens on Thursday 3 September.

We are provisionally working towards a possible return on Tuesday 8 September, however this is as always dependent on

  1. Approval from school
  2. Classes being financially viable with any social distancing requirements that remain

We will keep on endeavouring to get a response from the school. Please check back over the summer for latest updates.

In the meantime, outdoor sessions will continue to be held. Thank you to those who have attended, and parents who have joined in!

There are a lot of you who we haven’t seen – please do contact us if you wish to join in a session to make sure we comply with coach/player group size restrictions.

In the meantime, have a good, safe and healthy summer, and we hope to see you in September.

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A step closer to a return to Judo

It’s been an exciting week for Judo!

The country’s elite athletes were able to commence outdoor training as a group.

The government announced that indoor sports facilities could reopen from 25 July.

The BJA issued the following statement:

We welcome the Government’s announcement today concerning the opening of indoor sporting facilities.

This is a very important step on the journey to returning to the sport we love. We await the full, detailed guidelines from the Government that will enable us to update our existing plans. Once we have this we will communicate with clubs and members to start the process of a safe return to judo.   Please note this announcement does not mark a return to full-contact judo, but will allow clubs to re-open and start that process. Once our guidelines are finalised, clubs will need to complete and return the Club Declaration Form to British Judo before opening for indoor sessions. For all documentation regarding a return to judo, head over to our Covid-19 Information Microsite by clicking here.

As 25 July falls in the school holidays, any return to indoor sessions for us will not be until September at the earliest.

Any return then will be dependent on

  • The school giving permission for external groups to use the hall
  • Class sizes with any social distancing requirements being financially viable in view of hall hire costs.

In the meantime, outdoor training sessions will continue every Tuesday and Thursday evening, weather permitting.

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A safe return to Judo

As you may be aware, British Judo hosted a webinar over the weekend in conjunction with the launch of their guidance as to what a Safe Return to Judo could look like.

We are processing this document to see what it means for us, one take away point already is that on return to the dojo all players must have a current licence/membership. This should be a given anyway, but players will be asked to confirm and this will be checked. Players will be asked to confirm they are Covid free on return to the dojo.

As already mentioned, any initial return to the dojo is almost certainly going to be non-contact, with contact only allowed between members of the same household.

At present, we do not have a date from Government as to when our sport/martial art can recommence.

If and when this is announced, any return will be further dependent on the school giving us permission to return AND class sizes being financially viable with any social distancing requirements that remain in place. Distancing requirements for indoor sports are likely to be higher than they are for more mundane activities such as shopping, due to impracticalities of wearing a mask when training, and more powerful exhalation of air during exercise.

We are cautiously working towards a return in September, but this is definitely not a fixed date.

In the mean time, outdoor training sessions will continue as previously advertised. When the use of outdoor gyms is sanctioned again, we will consider a change of venue, but until then all details remain the same.

To mitigate the impacts of us on reduced class sizes, please support us via Portsmouth Lottery and Easyfundraising!

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