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Catching up…

Although the last 12 – 15 months have been hard, it has been great to keep in touch with so many of you – either via social media or bumping into you in the street etc.

We thought it would be nice to briefly update on what some of the club’s former faces are now up to…

John Luijken has relocated with his family to Holland, and is still continuing his judo studies there.

Azhar Baree is studying economics at Southampton Uni – where he bumped into former Court Lane alumni Lewis Dolman on the mat. Lewis has now moved to Birmingham…

Jonty Bassil is joining the Navy, with an aspiration to become a PTI. Best of luck Jonty!

Isla Savellis-Fry has competed her studies at South Downs College, and is offering sports massage at Bodyworx 360 in Leigh Park as well as a mobile service. You can contact her via her her Facebook page – Isla’s Massage Therapy – or her mobile 07389 821386

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C’mon Hampshire!

Victorious Hampshire squad players at Crystal Palace

Hampshire players will be competing in the Southern Area intercounty team tournament on Sunday 5th May.

Men, women, boys and girls will take on teams from Kent, Sussex and Surrey in this annual event that is one of the highlights of the Southern Area calendar.

This year’s event is being held at Worthing Leisure Centre, with action on the mat due to start at around 9.30am.

Two players who train at the club will be taking part – Michael Churcher and Chloe Lymer. We wish them and the rest of the team Good Luck!

Previous Court Lane representatives in Hampshire Team:

  • Brett Caswell
  • Andy Gould
  • Lewis Dolman
  • Azhar Baree
  • Isla Savellis-Fry

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Court Lane judoka medal at South Coast Open

Isla continued to impress with her transition into more adult judo, winning a bronze medal at the South Coast Minors, Pre-Cadet and Cadet Open on 18 November.

Isla – who is still only a yellow belt – fought two blue belts in her own weight, including a great win by waza-ari awasete ippon, as well as taking on a brown belt from the next weight category.

Other players in action included regular Club visitors Michael Churcher and Chloe Lymer, who both returned with bronze medals.

Well done everyone, keep up all the hard work.

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Proud day for Court Lane at Hampshire Open

An exciting day of judo at the Hampshire Open saw Isla and Jonty make the transition from junior to adult judo.

Up first however was Jon Luijken, making his competition debut at -46kg. Whilst there was to be no medal on this occasion, he made a determined effort and showed great promise over his three fights.

Jonty, who recently competed in the regional schools qualifier, fought in a packed -71kg category. 17 players delivered some quality judo, with Jonty right in the thick of it. 3 wins from 5 contests – from throws, hold down and an opportunistic arm lock – saw him clinch a well deserved 5th place.

Isla was the lowest graded adult in the women’s -63kg category. Undaunted she delivered her usual all out attacking performance and was rewarded with a bronze medal.

Regular club visitors Michael Churcher and Harry Hopkins were also in action.

Harry competed in the same weight group as Jonty, delivering a lightning fast ippon win in his first fight. He wasn’t able to repeat on this in his next two fights, but still delivered a credible performance.

Michael Churcher had the misfortune to fight his Osaka nemesis Harrison Grist in his first fight. Despite having just competed in a 14 minute golden score contest, Grist still had enough left to secure revenge over Mike for his victory in the Hampshire Closed. Ultimately Mike secured a bronze medal in the junior -66kg.

A great day for the club, with junior players making a strong impact in the adult categories.

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Isla picked for Hampshire team

We are pleased to announce that Isla Savellis-Fry has been selected to represent Hampshire in this year’s Intercounty tournament.

Isla will be competing at -63kg, at the southern area event being hosted in Gillingham, Kent on 13th May.

Isla is the first female player from the Club to be selected for this team event.

Well done Isla!

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March grade promotions

Huge congratulations to al our new grades!

Your grades have been submitted to the British Judo Association, and will be presented when we return from Easter Break.

2nd Sho

  • Amelie Allen

3rd Sho 

  • Wilf Miller

1st Mon

  • Isobel Blake
  • David Clackett
  • Lucas Young

2nd Mon

  • Summer Luijken
  • John Luijken
  • George Glyde

3rd Mon

  • Kaiden Southey

6th Mon

  • Sophie Rogerson
  • Isla Savellis-Fry

7th Mon

  • Maya Polak

8th Mon

  • Mieszko Polak

We have a couple of grades to finish when we return after Easter break, we are sure they will do just as well!

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Hampshire Closed success for Isla

Two players represented the Club at today’s Hampshire Closed, in Aldershot.

Kaiden Southey delivered his best competition performance to date, beating players graded a whole belt or more higher than him, to reach the 2nd round of pools in his weight.

Isla Savellis-Fry proved that her last competition medal was no fluke, with a totally focussed performance in the girls -63kg. 4 wins out of 5 secured her a silver medal, and an invitation to train with the Hampshire squad – the first Court Lane female player to receive such an invitation.

Well done to both players, great results in our 25th year!

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Grade promotion follows competition success

A snap grading was held after Isla’s gold medal success at Worthing, and we are delighted to announce that without prior preparation, Isla successfully passed the examination for her 5th mon.

This grade has been registered with the British Judo Association.

There are other players who we may approach to grade, in advance of the main club gradings to be scheduled for March/April

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Golden start to Club’s 25th year

Isla Savellis-Fry made a golden start to the Club’s 25th year with a gold medal at Sunday’s South Coast Split Grade Green Belt & Under competition.

Fighting in the Red & Yellow Belt section, Isla was in dominant form, winning all 4 of her fights with maximum ippon scores. Two of these contests were against players in a heavier weight category who had been combined with Isla’s group.

Isla joins a small group of female medallists from the Club – Kate Borland, Tiffany Caswell, Sophie Read, Sophie Dolman, Sarah Carr and Jess Oakden.

A fantastic start to the year, and a brilliant result for all Isla’s hard work and focus.

Isla wasn’t the only player in action. Jorge Nogueira and Dylan Butcher also contested the Red & Yellow Belt section. Dylan was the lightest player in his weight and had several good fights, although the essential win eluded him. Jorge’s first contest was a short affair, being thrown almost immediately with uchi mata, but in his second contest he held his own for most of the duration.

A good way to start the year!

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Court Lane players making competition debuts this weekend

Three players will be representing the Club at this weekend’s Split Grade Green & Under competition in Worthing, two of them making their competitive debuts.

Leading the challenge will be Isla Savellis-Fry, whilst representing the  boys and making their debuts will be Dylan Butcher and Jorge Nogueira.

All players have put in a lot of very competition orientated practice since we came back from the Christmas break, now to put it into practice!

Don’t forget to pack:

  • Judogi, including zori;
  • Licence (make sure it is in date)
  • Food and drink

Kevin and Craig Jones will be there in support.

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