Golden start to Club’s 25th year

Isla Savellis-Fry made a golden start to the Club’s 25th year with a gold medal at Sunday’s South Coast Split Grade Green Belt & Under competition.

Fighting in the Red & Yellow Belt section, Isla was in dominant form, winning all 4 of her fights with maximum ippon scores. Two of these contests were against players in a heavier weight category who had been combined with Isla’s group.

Isla joins a small group of female medallists from the Club – Kate Borland, Tiffany Caswell, Sophie Read, Sophie Dolman, Sarah Carr and Jess Oakden.

A fantastic start to the year, and a brilliant result for all Isla’s hard work and focus.

Isla wasn’t the only player in action. Jorge Nogueira and Dylan Butcher also contested the Red & Yellow Belt section. Dylan was the lightest player in his weight and had several good fights, although the essential win eluded him. Jorge’s first contest was a short affair, being thrown almost immediately with uchi mata, but in his second contest he held his own for most of the duration.

A good way to start the year!

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