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It’s getting nearer…

The Government this morning announced a drop in the coronavirus alert level from 4 to 3. This is likely to result in some further easing of restrictions over the next few weeks.

We understand that British Judo is close to publishing its own guidelines for Phase One of a return to training. We suspect that this is likely to follow a Judo Fit type model – randori and shiai will remain impossible under social distancing guidelines.

We are cautiously optimistic that in theory at list, we may be able to make some start of return in September. However, this must be economically viable for us if there are restrictions on class sizes due to distancing requirements, and is dependent on the school allowing external groups to use its facilities.

In the meantime, we will continue with our recently established outdoor training programme.

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When can we start training again?

We have been asked the above question a couple of times.

Our thoughts below:

At the moment, all we can do is quote the BJA’s statement (British Judo Association, 2020) published on 13th May:

Following the Government’s latest updates on the current situation, whilst it is clear that certain elements of the lockdown are being relaxed, British Judo still finds itself in an unpredictable scenario whereby we do not know when we can return to our beloved Dojos up and down the country.

It is clear that we cannot return just yet.

It is possible that within a “contained” environment elite athletes may soon be able to return to training and certain sporting events take place behind closed doors. Indeed, a Government document was published 13th May detailing how this could happen. As the BBC reported (Scott, 2020), initial phases will be for contact free training.

The next phase will involve some “social clustering” within training, with athletes able to engage in contact such as “close quarters coaching, combat sports sparring, teams sports tackling, equipment sharing”.

However, the protocols for this stage have not yet been finalised and will need government approval.

It will be interesting to see how this translates to reality – the March 2020 sumo tournament was held behind closed doors with precautions in place, but the May event has been cancelled following Japan’s extension of their state of emergency (AFP, 2020). The sumo community is currently mourning the loss of one of their rikishi due to Covid-19 (BBC, 2020). The UFC recently ran a tournament behind closed doors; however the New York Times reported there were numerous breaches of the protocols it had established in order to make it a safe tournament (Draper, 2020).

We must remain guided by our national association (British Judo Association, 2020):

…we are working hard behind the scenes preparing a detailed strategy and plan that will enable us to return quickly when that time comes. We are working with the Government to ensure that alongside other sports, we are returning to action in a safe and appropriate way as soon as we are able to. Please bear with us whilst we finalise this plan and please note that any premature return to sport will mean that you are notinsured.

For the sake of our sport, it is vital that you wait until the British Judo Association has endorsed the return.

The BJA recognises that how we come back may need to be a phased approach and judo itself may need to change all the time that social distancing remains the norm. They are seeking members’ input into how judo could return, at the web address referenced below.

We cannot see the club returning to the mats before the autumn term. Even if the Government and BJA do sanctioned a return to training, there may still be restrictions imposed by the school over external lettings and any additional cleaning regimes within the school may impact on the hours available to us.

There may be a possibility to run some outdoor fitness sessions (if you aren’t already sick of Joe Wicks style PE…) over the summer. The risks of transmitting the virus outdoors are reduced compared to indoors, and the children and any adults joining in are not as in close contact as they would be practising judo. Social distancing would be easier to enforce. But again we need to be guided by the BJA and the Government.

At the moment really it is still very much a case of wait and see.

Please keep yourselves and others around you safe, and if you haven’t already done so, please consider supporting the club through one of our fundraising initiatives – this will enable us to come back stronger when the time does finally come.

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Club reopens next week!

The Club reopens next Thursday, 5th August.

There will be no outdoor training session on Tuesday 3rd August – thank you to those who have supported over the summer.

We look forward to seeing you back on the mat next week, and hearing about your summer adventures.

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Back on the mat Tuesday

Classes restart this Tuesday – looking forward to seeing you all on the mat!

Normal times apply:

  • Junior beginners 6-7pm
  • Junior advanced and adults 7-8pm

Don’t forget, if you can’t make Tuesday, we are there Thursday!

Or why not do both sessions?

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Classes restart tonight!

Classes restart tonight.

We will be recommencing with our normal timetable,

  • Junior Beginners 6-7pm
  • Junior Advanced and adults 7-8pm

Look forward to seeing you all on the mat and hearing about your summer adventures

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Classes resume this week

After the interruptions of May half term and the General Election, normal classes resume this week.

Please note however that the Tuesday evening adult class is still suspended.

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Classes recommence Tuesday

Judo classes recommence at Court Lane Judo Club on Tuesday 25 April.

Classes run on Tuesday and Thursday evenings – a full training schedule is available on the Club website.

All players are welcome, including beginners aged 5 years and over.

New players aged 11-25 may benefit from the Yellow Belt Challenge, run by the Fighting Chance project. Eligible players qualify for a free judo suit, free one year membership to the British Judo Association and up to four gradings.

See you on the mat!

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Judo recommences 3 September

DSC_0011[1]Judo sessions recommence on Thursday 3 September.

Normal class times will apply.

New beginners always welcome.

Looking forward to seeing everyone back on the mat!

Rei – Hajime!

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Tomorrow’s fitness session cancelled

cats dogsDue to the current inclement (horrible, atrocious…) weather, there will be no outdoor training session tomorrow, Tuesday 25 August.

As school recommences on Tuesday 1 September, there will be no training that night.

Judo will recommence on Thursday 3 September – see you back on the mat!

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Judo recommences Tuesday 21 April

Judo fight

Judo classes recommence Tuesday 21 April.

Looking forward to seeing you all back on the mat.

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