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Congratulations to our latest new grades!

We are delighted to confirm the following new grades:

2nd mon

  • Samuel Allen

7th mon (orange belt)

  • Alex Lane
  • Jeremy Allen

As we are now have several mid grade players, we will be encouraging players to move up to later sessions – we wil speak to players individually over the next few weeks.

This will enable us to focus our coaching more appropriately.

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New grades

judo beltsThe following Court Lane players have had their new grades submitted to the British Judo Association:

  • Alex Lane – 6th mon
  • Joel Bassil – 10th mon – Green belt
  • Dean Smith – 4th kyu – Orange belt

Well done to all the players who have successfully graded, remember grades will only be submitted on receipt on the correct grading fee.

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New grades, new belts

judo beltsAt the end of the first week of gradings, we are delighted to announce the following promotions:

1st mon

  • Kaiden Southey
  • Archie Crockett

2nd mon

  • Noah Grainger
  • Frederick Miller

3rd mon

  • Isla Savellis-Fry

4th mon (Yellow Belt)

  • Alex Lane
  • Jacob Boichot

6th mon

  • Craig McGeever

Great work everyone,  well deserved grades. Hopefully more to come next week.


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Team selections for rounds 2 and 3 of Hampshire Team Championships

CNV00028Round 2, 6 March

Please note this is Mother’s Day! Please advise if this will cause any difficulty…

  • -30kg Alex Lane
  • -35kg Sam Boichot
  • -40kg Joel Bassil

Round 3, 3 April

  • -30kg Alex Lane or Xander Harris
  • -35kg Sam Boichot
  • -40kg Toby Winfield

We hope to possibly be able to field a girl’s team by the end of the competition, possibly some heavier weight boys as well…

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Team selection for Hampshire Team Championships, Round 1

hants2000~1Here is the team selection for Round 1 of the Hampshire Team Championships, Sunday 7 February.

-30kg Alex Lane (tbc) Reserve – Xander Harris

-35kg Sam Boichot

-40kg Mieszko Polak

I will announce team for Round 2 later on this week. I am still awaiting clarification if I can enter two players in one weight and alternate them between contnest.

If anyone else wishes to step forward – I have places in all boys weights 40kg+ and in ALL girls weights.

Please add your name in the comments below if you would like to take part in future rounds.

Must be 8-15 years, red, yellow or orange belt and hold a current BJA licence.

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Court Lane players on a roll with grading success

judo beltsCongratulations to all Court Lane players who have successfully graded over the last two weeks:

Rebecca Boichot – 1st mon

Filip Lehota – 2nd mon

Alex Lane – 2nd mon

Tim Lehota – 2nd mon

Jeremy Allen – 2nd mon

Jacob Boichot – 2nd mon

Craig McGeever – 4th mon (yellow belt)

Toby Winfield – 4th mon (yellow belt)

Maya Polak – 4th mon (yellow belt)

Samuel Boichot – 5th mon

Mieszko Polak – 6th mon

Azhar Baree – 8th mon

There are still a handful of players to grade this week, an updated list will be published when all gradings have been completed.

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Court Lane players benefit from competition training event

medalsFour of Court Lane’s novice players took part in a competition preparation event hosted by Holbrook Judo Club.

Referee David Tooby explained competition etiquette, such as entering and leaving the area, which belt to wear etc., and the importance of osaekomi and toketa. The scoreboard was also explained.

Players then took part in a round robin match, with explanation of the scores, penalties etc., as they occurred.

Our four players all behaved impeccably, and demonstrated some good judo skills. It was particularly pleasing to see them all developing over the course of their three or four contests.


  • Noah Grainger – GOLD
  • Alex Lane – GOLD (and quickest ippon throw of the day…)
  • Jeremy Allen – BRONZE
  • Oliver Jones – BRONZE
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