New grades making a rainbow of colour on our mats

judo beltsSome more fantastic grading results! We have a wide range of colours on our mats now, it’s great to see so many coloured belts.

The following new grades have been sent to the British Judo Association:

Promoted to 2nd mon:

  • Archie Crockett
  • Kaiden Southey

Promoted to 3rd mon:

  • Freddie Miller

Promoted to 4th mon (Yellow belt):

  • Isla Savellis-Fry

Promoted to 5th mon:

  • Jacob Boichot

Promoted to 7th mon (Orange belt)

  • Craig McGeever
  • Samuel Boichot

Promoted to 8th mon:

  • Maddi Cox

Promoted to 10th mon (Green belt):

  • Jack Rogerson

Remember, grades will only be submitted upon receipt of the appropriate grading.

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