Further gradings success

judo belts
Another great week of grading success for our players!

Latest promotions are:

Jacob Boichot 1 mon
Alexander Lane 1 mon
Oliver Jones 1 mon
Maya Polak 3 mon
Samuel Boichot 4 mon
Mieszko Polak 5 mon
Marcus Tree 5 mon
Azhar Baree 6 mon
Jack Marshall 6 mon
Maddison Cox 6 mon
Conor Isherwood-Lee 7 mon

As with last week, that brings us some new belts – yellow and orange – and is a testament to how hard the players have worked and prepared for the grading. Very well done everyone.

We have one or two more players to assess, and wish them good luck next week.

During the grading process, we have identified one or two players who are under graded, due to having missed grading opportunities in the past. These players may be given the opportunity to grade again prior to the main Club grading, in order that their grades more accurately reflect their ability and attainment.

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