Where next for the Olympics?

olympic_rings_7662576984The future of the Olympics looks challenging as another host city withdraws their bid, once again citing cost and financial priorities.

BBC News reported today,

Italy’s Olympic Committee has officially withdrawn its bid to stage the 2024 Games in Rome after the city council voted to oppose the candidacy.

Rome’s Mayor Virginia Raggi from the populist Five Star party had said the city had to prioritise matters such as rubbish collection and corruption.

It means only Paris, Los Angeles and Budapest are left in the running after Boston and Hamburg also abandoned bids.

The IOC is due to make a decision next September.

After the excesses of Beijing, and the just ready in time status of Rio – where next for the Greatest Show on Earth? London was supposed to set a standard for a new low cost, sustainable Olympics – but it appears that baton has not been taken up.

On the one hand, I would like Paris to get the nod, as they have bid unsuccessfully so many times; but I fear recent terror attacks will go against them. I think it will go to Budapest, as a new venue.

But either Paris or Budapest would be easily accessible from the UK.

Your thoughts?

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