Return of the Purple Belt

We have brought the Purple Belt back to Thursday’s beginners’ class.

The Purple Belt will be awarded weekly to the player who shows the best judo and demonstrates the highest level of behaviour that week. They will get to wear the Purple Belt during the following week’s lesson and take their place at the head of line, regardless of grade.

This way, we hope to motivate the players to follow the precepts of the Judo Code.

The judo code is a set of ethics that judoka should live by on and off the mat. There are eight values that make up the Code, outlined by judo’s founder Jigoro Kano. 

Kano believed the Judo Code to be of the utmost importance in the development of a judoka. His aim above all others was that judoka should become honourable and valuable members of the community they live in.

To be polite to others

To face difficulties with bravery

To be sincere with your thoughts and actions

To do what is right and stand by your principles

To be without ego in your actions and thoughts

To appreciate others

Self Control
To be in control of your emotions

To be a good companion and friend

Embodying these principles will enable the young judoka to demonstrate their compliance with the Judo Kids Sho requirements:

1st Sho

Hygiene & Safety

Always wear a clean judo-gi and t-shirt (girls) • Short, clean finger and toe nails • Tie hair back if long • Listen and do what the coach asks • Look after your partner when practising • Do not kick, punch or bite anyone • Do not go close to the edge of the mat

2nd Sho


Respect other judo players, your coach and everyone • Bow to your partner • Look after your partner • Listen to the coach • Watch the coach • Do what the coach asks on the mat

3rd Sho

Fair Play

No biting, scratching, kicking or pulling hair • No swearing • No cheating in games or activities • Everyone gets a turn • Obey the dojo rules

Judo ultimately is a combat sport. Abiding to the rules helps to keep it safe and enjoyable for everyone

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