Recommended competition / randori programme

A recent consultation exercise recommended that the BJA syllabus remain technically based, rather than reverting to the previous competitive grading system. As coaches, we support this approach, however would like to draw players attention to the following, which we have extracted from the syllabus as published on the BJA website.


  • 0-3 Mon Judoka should be proficient in light randori/nage komi/ukemi sufficient to support entry into red belt events. Enters 1 red belt event or closed club competition – Level 1 (this can just be pairing of players for informal
    contest with a Level 2 coach refereeing)
  • 4-6 Mon Judoka should be proficient as above to support their participation in mini-mon comps
    Enters mini-mon competition for yellow belts or takes part in inter-club randori or competition – Level 2
  • 7-9 Mon Judoka participates in regular club randori
    Enters low level area or equivalent competitions Level 2 or multi club randori such as county squad training
  • 10-12 Mon Judoka participates in above
    Judoka enters area competitions or equivalent – Level 3
    Judoka takes part in area or equivalent randori/training
  • 13-15 Mon Judoka satisfies all above and enters a National or equivalent championships – Level 4
  • 18 Mon Judoka is competing and participating in a level of randori that would prepare them to enter their first competitive Dan grading

We will shortly publish an updated list of all forthcoming suitable competitions.

We continue to urge players to support the Saturday sessions at Holbrook – it is a great way to gain experience of training and competing with other judoka. The forthcoming visit by French players from Le Havre offers another great opportunity for some of our players. More details to be published shortly!

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