Parking at school 4 and 6 November

Apologies for the late notice, have just seen an email sent from the school late yesterday afternoon advising that parking will not be available at the school for club members on the evening of Tuesday 4 and Thursday 6 November, due to the desire to keep the playground free for parking for parents evenings.

The playground gates were not unlocked for anyone tonight, in consequence Hilary Avenue was very congested and dangerous in the dark, with lots of parents and children milling about and cars parked everywhere.

We have spoken to the school caretaker and also emailed the school office to advise how dangerous the road outside the school was.

If anyone else wishes to comment, as several of you mentioned it to us, please contact the school directly – telephone: 023 92375444 or e-mail:

In the meantime, please be aware that restrictions may also apply on Thursday.

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