Packing for Competition

Our competition season is about to start, you are heading off to your first competition… what do you take with you?

The essentials
Judo licence – make sure it is in date! You will need to present this at the weigh-in.
Judogi – jacket, belt, trousers. Girls should make sure they also have a plain white t-shirt.
Zori, or other footwear for when you are off the mat.
If you have long hair, you need something non-metallic to tie it back.

Other clothing
A hoodie, sweatshirt or fleece is also good to keep yourself warm. It is not unheard of to see players also wearing gloves and hats between contests.

Food and drink
Difficult this one – players are often too nervous to eat on the day of contest, healthy snack foods are often best – cereal bars, dried fruit etc.

Many nutritionists advise that sports drinks are of limited value; water is just as good for short periods of exercise.

Book, music, games, homework
Something to keep yourself occupied, there can often be a long wait for your weight group to be called, once you have weighed in.

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