Human perfection through Judo

Professor Jigoro Kano, founder of Judo

Professor Jigoro Kano, founder of Judo

Professor Kano aimed at human perfection through judo and the betterment of mankind in the spirit of mutual prosperity (Kano, 1986).

A lot is claimed for Judo on the back of this statement – building discipline, courage, respect etc. Whilst it could be argued that any organised sporting activity should have these ideals at its heart, it was interesting to examine the achievements published on the walls of the corridor at the school last night.

Recognition was being given to those whom have demonstrated the best attendance and behaviour, by school year. What was particularly satisfying was to observe how many of those honoured are or had been members of Court Lane Judo Club.

Coincidence, perhaps. I have no particular view; but it is a trend that we have noticed over many years. Maybe Judo naturally attracts that type of person; or maybe Judo does in fact change people.


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