Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard

Hard work pays off
I saw the above quote the other day, and whilst I can’t remember who it was attributed to (I think a basketball coach?), I do think it is a very appropriate reminder as the World Cup dawns on us.

The football is on TV, it can be recorded and watched later. You can’t make up for a missed training session. With the Hampshire Open fast approaching, and players competing at the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Games and Kent International, every minute of mat time is crucial.

Trevor Leggett, one of the key figures in the early history of British Judo, had this to say:

“You didn’t lose that contest yesterday, you lost it in the month before, when you weren’t training properly.

“And you’re losing next month’s contest now, today, while you stand here making excuses when you ought to be practising.”

For more on the value of practice and the myth of talent, let me refer you back to the excellent “Bounce” by Matthew Syed.

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