Bronze for Jack at Hampshire Open

Jack on medal podium

Jack on medal podium

Jack Rogerson added to his burgeoning medal collection with another determined performance at today’s Hampshire Open.

Fighting at -38kg, Jack was one of nine players, split into two pools. He started strongly against an Osaka player, but was thrown for ippon when he was caught off-balance by a strong counter attack.

He bounced back to score three consecutive ippons, transitioning smoothly from tachiwaza to newaza in each case.  Jack finished 2nd in his pool and moved into the knockout stage, to face the winner of the other pool.

This was a tough match against a player from Summit. Jack did well to block two strong uchimata attacks before being caught for waza-ari with tai-otoshi. Jack was fighting his way back into contention when he was caught for ippon with uchimata, to finish in bronze medal position.

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