Bear Grylls identifies the key factors in success

Bear Grylls

TV adventurer, author, Chief Scout and karate black belt Bear Grylls recently identified what he believes are the crucial attributes you need to succeed.

Speaking at a recent international education conference, Grylls said, “I wasn’t very good at school – and I struggled a lot with confidence.” .

But he says such early struggles can be better preparation than success coming too easily.

“The great people I know in life often struggled at school, because it was the struggle that developed their strength.”

He continued,

“The rewards in life don’t always go to the biggest or the bravest, the cleverest, or even the best.

“The rewards in life go to the dogged and the determined, to the tenacious, those who get back on their feet when they get kicked.”

This would very much fit in with the theories of mindset and willpower that we have mentioned earlier, looking at the work of Dweck and the writing of Charles Duhigg

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