Autumn Competitions

Kate Howey at 2002 British Open

Kate Howey at 2002 British Open

We hope everyone is enjoying their summer break – but our thoughts are already turning to the next round of competitions… Here are some you could consider:

19 September

NHC Red Belt Rumble

4 October

Southern Area Senior Ranking

Southern Area Red Belt

18 October

Hampshire Open

As well as being a good competition in its own right, this would also serve nicely as a warm up for Southend…

24-25 October

Southend International

15 November

South Coast -16 Open

As always, please discuss with us first as to whether competition is suitable for your ability and grade. Please let us know if you have entered, so that we can try to support on the day.

If you are competing – you need to be training! Failure to prepare is preparing to fail

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