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Xander and Toby fly flag for Court Lane in Round 3 of Team Championships








Xander Harris and Toby Winfield represented the Club in the third and final round of the Hampshire Junior Team Championships.

Gaps in the team were generously made up by players from Holbrook Judo Club, meaning that we fielded a full team for the first time.

Throughout the whole event, we have given novice players their first experience of competition:

Round 1

  • Xander Harris
  • Sam Boichot
  • Mieszko Polak

Round 2

  • Xander Harris
  • Sam Boichot
  • Joel Bassil

Round 3

  • Xander Harris
  • Toby Winfield

We have struggled to field a full team, as most of our players were in the same weight group! Hopefully next year we can fill more weights and give more players a chance. All the players who have taken part have gained valuable experience and developed as a consequence.

Well done to Holbrook!

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Team selections for rounds 2 and 3 of Hampshire Team Championships

CNV00028Round 2, 6 March

Please note this is Mother’s Day! Please advise if this will cause any difficulty…

  • -30kg Alex Lane
  • -35kg Sam Boichot
  • -40kg Joel Bassil

Round 3, 3 April

  • -30kg Alex Lane or Xander Harris
  • -35kg Sam Boichot
  • -40kg Toby Winfield

We hope to possibly be able to field a girl’s team by the end of the competition, possibly some heavier weight boys as well…

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Gradings show continued improvement in players

judo beltsThis week’s grading successes stand as testament to the continued hard work of our players. Congratulations to the following on their achievements:

Promoted to 1st mon:

  • Maxim Zilin
  • Frederick Miller

Promoted to 2nd mon:

  • Rebecca Boichot
  • Fletcher Ellis

Promoted to 3rd mon:

  • Jacob Boichot
  • Alexander Lane
  • Keira Hunns-Clarke

Promoted to 5th mon:

  • Craig McGeever
  • Toby Winfield

Promoted to 6th mon:

  • Samuel Boichot

Promoted to 6th kyu:

  • Dean Smith

Hopefully more to come next week!

Well done everyone



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Court Lane players on a roll with grading success

judo beltsCongratulations to all Court Lane players who have successfully graded over the last two weeks:

Rebecca Boichot – 1st mon

Filip Lehota – 2nd mon

Alex Lane – 2nd mon

Tim Lehota – 2nd mon

Jeremy Allen – 2nd mon

Jacob Boichot – 2nd mon

Craig McGeever – 4th mon (yellow belt)

Toby Winfield – 4th mon (yellow belt)

Maya Polak – 4th mon (yellow belt)

Samuel Boichot – 5th mon

Mieszko Polak – 6th mon

Azhar Baree – 8th mon

There are still a handful of players to grade this week, an updated list will be published when all gradings have been completed.

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Congratulations to Court Lane Judo players on their grading success

judo belts
Congratulations to all the players who have successfully graded this week:

Tim Lehota 1st Mon
Filip Lehota 1st Mon
Reuben Raine 3rd Mon
Dean Spasov 3rd Mon
Toby Winfield 3rd Mon
Craig McGeever 3rd Mon
Sophie Rogerson 4th Mon
George Edwards 5th Mon
Jack Rogerson 7th Mon
Joel Bassil 7th Mon
Jonty Bassil 10th Mon

That’s a lot of new yellow, orange and green belts on the mat – very well done to everyone!

God luck to all those grading next week.

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Congratulations to Court Lane players for grading success

judo belts

Congratulations to the following players who have successfully graded during March:

Jess Oakden, to 4th kyu

Charlotte Barton-Bates, to 2nd mon
Toby Winfield, to 2nd mon

Sam Boichot, to 3rd mon
George Edwards, to 3rd mon
Mostafa Hannan, to 3rd mon

Mieszko Polak, to 4th mon

Maddy Cox, to 5th mon
Matthew Randall, to 5th mon
Jack Marshall, to 5th mon

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