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Southern Area competitions

Some forthcoming competitions may be of interest to players:

  • 24 June – Kent International, Gillingham (junior, 8-15 years)
  • 25 June – Kent International, Gillingham (youth (15-20 years), senior and masters)
  • 9 July – Surrey -16 Open, Redhill
  • 9 July – Surrey Senior Open Blue Belt and Below, Redhill

The Kent International is grade banded for junior players (red & yellow, orange & green, blue & brown), and represents a very good of competition. Craig, Azhar and Jack have all competed here recently. This is always a popular competition, early entry is advised!

The Surrey -16 will be split red & yellow, and orange & green belts.

Details and entry forms for all competitions can be found at

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Craig returns to international competition

IMG_5511Craig returned to the competition mat on Sunday when he competed in this year’s Kent International.

Craig had trained hard in the build up to this competition, and gave a strong account of himself in his pool. Unfortunately on this occasion, it wasn’t quite enough, Craig losing out to the eventual gold and silver medallists.


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Forthcoming competitions

Judo fightThe following competitions all offer opportunities for Court Lane judoka to gain more valuable judo experience and test themselves against players from other clubs:

12 June – Red & Yellow Belt Rumble, Worthing

25-26 June – Kent International, Gillingham

10 July – Surrey Senior Open Blue Belt & Under, Redhill

17 July – Northern Home Counties Split Grade Open, High Wycombe

31 July – Hampshire Open Split Grade – entry form to be issued


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Entry now open for 2016 Kent International

Azhar Baree, medallist at 2015 Kent International

Azhar Baree, medallist at 2015 Kent International

Entry forms are now available for this year’s Kent International.

Azhar medalled here in 2015, Jack came close in 2014 – who will it be this year?

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Competition opportunities 2016


We have been looking at the competition calendar for next year, the following suggest themselves as good competitions without too much travel. When available, we have linked to the entry form.

All competitions in Hampshire, Sussex, Surrey and Kent will be listed on the Southern Area website,

Nationally, all events are listed on the British Judo Association website,

As always, speak to club coaches before entering!




  • 20 Southern Area Pre-cadet and Cadet – Crawley
  • ? Hampshire Closed – Eastleigh


  • ? Hampshire Split Grade



  • 11 Sussex -12 Open – Worthing


  • ? Hampshire Open
  • ? Southend International


  • 12 Southern Area Green & Under – Crawley
  • 13 Sussex -16 Open – Worthing

Competition results up to end June should inform your decision as to whether you want to enter for the Southend International.

Some of you may want to try out for National Championships, you need to be a seasoned competitor with a good track record of success to consider this.

We will add further competitions in Northern Home Counties and Western Area as they become available.




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Azhar puts Club back on international map

Azhar - Bronze medal winner  at Kent International 2015

Azhar – Bronze medal winner at Kent International 2015

Azhar Baree put Court Lane Judo Club back on to the international scene with a bronze medal at today’s Kent International. Following rumours of its demise last year, the Kent International has made a successful transition to Medway Park in Gillingham.

Competing at -42kg, in the orange and green belt category, Azhar benefitted from a bye in the first round. His first contest was against a player from Bradley Stoke, Azhar made short work of it, scoring two waza-aris from an ippon seoi / ko uchi combination.

His second fight pitched him against Lim of Belgium, who had looked dangerous in his first two fights. Azhar however scored a perfect ippon throw within the first moments of their contest, taking Lim backwards and flat on his back.

Through to the semifinal, Azhar faced another Bradley Stoke player, and this time came undone, being thrown for two waza-aris with drop seoinage.

After a wait for the repechage to be finished, Azhar again faced Lim in the bronze medal contest. Once again, Azhar took him back, scoring waza-ari before securing a hold to secure the win and our first medal at this competition since 2009.

5 mat areas in use

5 mat areas in use

Commenting afterwards, a tired but ecstatic Azhar echoed Jack Rogerson last year, describing the Kent as the hardest competition he has contested to date.

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Azhar to contest Kent International

Azhar in action in France last year

Azhar in action in France last year

Azhar Baree will be representing the Club in this year’s Kent International.

The event has now relocated to Medway Park, Gillingham, after several years at Crystal Palace.

Good luck Azhar!

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Return of the Kent International!

Brett throws for ippon Kent International 2004

Brett throws for ippon Kent International 2004

Despite rumours of its demise last year, the Kent International is running again this year – at a new venue.  This two day competition – 27/28 June – will now be held at the Medway Park Sports Centre, in Gillingham, after being hosted by Crystal Palace for many years.

This has previously been a successful competition for us, with Jack Rogerson making a good solo effort last year.

This is a grade banded competition, but even so only suitable for those players with some competition experience already.

Full details are available from the Southern Area website.

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Jack excels at Kent International

Crystal Palace, home of the Kent International

Crystal Palace, home of the Kent International

Jack Rogerson made up a massive jump in competition performance when he competed at the Kent International at Crystal Palace on 28 June.

As the photo above shows, Crystal Palace is a massive venue, and for the Kent International is usually laid for 7 full size mat areas. Add to that the huge numbers that the event draws, the humidity from the swimming pool that is under the same roof and only separated from the “arena” by a walkway – all told, Crystal Palace is a daunting venue.

Jack started strongly, with a win in the first round, before a second round loss put him into the repechage. Jack picked himself up and scored another good win, before a second defeat put him out of the tournament.

Jack is showing a fantastic level of consistency, and has a good platform to build from.

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Court Lane preparing for international adventures

Court Lane Judo Club is preparing for two forays into the international judo scene.

Tony Brown and Andy Read will accompany Jonty Bassil, Azhar Baree and Simon Bassil on a trip to Royan, France at the end of May to train with the ROC Judo Club.

This trip is being organised by Holbrook Judo Club, in Gosport, as part of the twinning arrangement between Gosport and Holbrook.

Tony took part in this exchange visit two years ago, with Brett Caswell and Greg Anderson. Brett also travelled to France with Holbrook in 2010. Court Lane players have taken part in activities organised by Holbrook when French players have visited the UK.

Training in Royan

Training in Royan

Players are also focussing on the Kent International, held at Crystal Palace National Sports Centre, at the end of June. We have decided to add this competition to our schedule this year following the strong performances of our players at the recent Hampshire Closed. All the players who competed with such distinction are encouraged to consider entering the Kent International as a development opportunity.

Brett throws for ippon Kent International 2004

Brett throws for ippon Kent International 2004

The Club has enjoyed success at this competition previously:

2000 – Brett Caswell, bronze
2001 – Brett Caswell, bronze
2002 – Andy Gould, silver; Brett Caswell, bronze (Youth)
2003 – Andy Gould, gold; Brett Caswell, silver (Youth) and bronze (Senior)
2004 – Andy Read, bronze; Brett Caswell, gold (Senior)
2007 – Craig Jones, bronze
2009 – Craig Jones, bronze (Youth)

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