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Autumn Grading


The next grading dates will be

  • Tuesday 6th November
  • Thursday 8th November
  • Tuesday 13th November
  • Thursday 15 November

Don’t forget to check out the grading resources on the British Judo website.

Your licence must be in date to grade, and presented at the grading. Licences can be renewed at the British Judo website.

Grading fees remain at £10 plus mat fee for mon and kyu grades.

Good luck everyone!

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March grade promotions

Huge congratulations to al our new grades!

Your grades have been submitted to the British Judo Association, and will be presented when we return from Easter Break.

2nd Sho

  • Amelie Allen

3rd Sho 

  • Wilf Miller

1st Mon

  • Isobel Blake
  • David Clackett
  • Lucas Young

2nd Mon

  • Summer Luijken
  • John Luijken
  • George Glyde

3rd Mon

  • Kaiden Southey

6th Mon

  • Sophie Rogerson
  • Isla Savellis-Fry

7th Mon

  • Maya Polak

8th Mon

  • Mieszko Polak

We have a couple of grades to finish when we return after Easter break, we are sure they will do just as well!

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Spring grading dates

Club gradings will be held on the following dates in March:

  • Tuesday 20th
  • Thursday 22nd
  • Tuesday 27th
  • Thursday 29th

Your licence must be in date to grade. Please note that new grades will only be registered with the BJA once the appropriate grading fee has been received. Grading fee of £12 will be applied, except for JudoKids where the grading is free. Players on the Yellow Belt Challenge should produce the grading voucher sent in their registration documents. Regular mat fee will also apply.

You may find it useful to review the grading videos on the BJA website.

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Grade promotion follows competition success

A snap grading was held after Isla’s gold medal success at Worthing, and we are delighted to announce that without prior preparation, Isla successfully passed the examination for her 5th mon.

This grade has been registered with the British Judo Association.

There are other players who we may approach to grade, in advance of the main club gradings to be scheduled for March/April

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Grading fees

Following requests from parents for confirmation of prices, please note that BJA grading fees are currently:

Grade categories and prices as of 1st September 2017:

Category Current New
Dan (Technical) £35.00 £40.00
Kyu £10.00 £12.00
Mon £10.00 £12.00
Mon (Under 8) * £7.50 £7.50

* Applicable to members under 8 already on the Mon Grading Scheme – will be phased out this year

An update on membership and grading prices was circulated earlier this year.

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Increases in BJA membership and grading fees

Latest news from the British Judo Association:

British Judo membership and grading fees are increasing from 1st September 2017. You have until 31st August to take advantage of the current membership prices before the fees are increased very slightly.
It is the first price increase that the British Judo Association has made in four years (the previous price rise was in 2013) and the increase will ensure that we are able to continue providing you with lots of great benefits.
As a British Judo member, you will have access to liability insurance, a subscription to our quarterly publication, Matside, the ability to join the BJA’s internationally recognized Grading Scheme, access to elite programmes and membership services, and a whole range of new member discounts including up to 49% off at Merlin Entertainment attractions.
Each package will rise by no more than £2.00, of which £1.00 will be contributed to the British Judo Trust. Grading prices will also increase by £2.00-£5.00. The Trust, founded in 2007, is a registered charity that focuses on providing grants to young people to assist them in attaining their full potential at all levels of judo. Often these young people come from family backgrounds with limited resources and the Trust is able to play a pivotal role in the development of these young people.
We will also streamline our membership offer to avoid confusion for new and returning members. This will also include a Student/Military membership option.

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Congratulations to all our new grades

We have come to the end of another successful grading period for our lower grades. Whilst there are a couple of players to re-examine after Easter, the following grades will be submitted to the BJA:

1st sho

  • Eleanor Donachie
  • Harry Charge
  • Wilf Miller

1st mon

  • Dylan Butcher
  • Oliver Hodgson
  • Brandon Towers-Ferrett

4 mon (Yellow Belt)

  • Freddie Miller
  • Rebecca Boichot

6 mon

  • Maya Polak

7 mon (Orange Belt)

  • Mieszko Polak

Grading certificates, belts etc., will be presented at the Club when we return after Easter break.


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Red & Yellow Belt entry form available

Entry is now open for the Hampshire Red & Yellow Belt Closed, to be held on 30 April at Fleming Park Leisure Centre.

Entry forms can be found on the Hampshire Judo website.

Please note, this competition is being held AFTER our planned grading dates (we weren’t advised of dates). If any 6th mon players wish to compete, we are happy to grade these players only after the competition.

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Grading dates set for March

The following dates have been set aside for grading in March and April:

  • Tuesday 28 March
  • Thursday 30 March
  • Tuesday 4 April
  • Thursday 6 April

Please note that this grading opportunity will only be offered to novice, red and yellow belt players.

We feel that it is important that those players who already have orange, green or blue belts, should spend time in their grades and grow into their belts. Recent competition experience has suggested that there is quite a gap in practical ability between our players  and similar graded but more competitive players from other clubs.

Again, just a reminder that players should be seeking to engage in randori and competition that is appropriate to their grade!

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New grades making a rainbow of colour on our mats

judo beltsSome more fantastic grading results! We have a wide range of colours on our mats now, it’s great to see so many coloured belts.

The following new grades have been sent to the British Judo Association:

Promoted to 2nd mon:

  • Archie Crockett
  • Kaiden Southey

Promoted to 3rd mon:

  • Freddie Miller

Promoted to 4th mon (Yellow belt):

  • Isla Savellis-Fry

Promoted to 5th mon:

  • Jacob Boichot

Promoted to 7th mon (Orange belt)

  • Craig McGeever
  • Samuel Boichot

Promoted to 8th mon:

  • Maddi Cox

Promoted to 10th mon (Green belt):

  • Jack Rogerson

Remember, grades will only be submitted upon receipt of the appropriate grading.

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