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Not the post I thought I would be writing

On the eve of the Hampshire Closed, I would usually be writing to wish our players good luck. Or to remind people that clocks change tomorrow and to not be late for the weigh-in.

But not today. Covid-19 has changed everything.

The Club is currently closed. Officially until after Easter holidays, but until at least June if we are being realistic. Personally, I think September is more likely by the time we add in summer holidays (remember those?).

We have not been able to say goodbye to John Luijken before he and his family move abroad.

We did manage to get in to clean and disinfect the mats before the school was closed. Thanks to Kev and Craig as always for their help.

The Hampshire Closed has been cancelled, as has the Southern Area teams tournament. The Tokyo Olympics have been postponed until 2021.

Thankfully as we only hire the hall on an hourly basis from the school, we are not exposed to the same cashflow risks that clubs who own their premised are exposed to. (And I never thought I would be grateful for not having our own dojo, but always something to be glad about if you look!).

If you are online shopping, don’t forget that you can raise funds for the club at the same time via Easyfundraising – use this link to register: and we will receive an extra donation when your donations reach £5. We have 19 supporters currently – 8 of whom who have never shopped via Easyfundraising. It’s easy, free and doesn’t cost you a penny more.

Community groups are going to be vital as we go through this crisis. You can help to strengthen not only us but the wider community if you play the Portsmouth Lottery. Tickets can be purchased via this link,

It is important that everyone stays fit and as healthy as possible – we have posted links in the Facebook group to various resources from Sport England and British Judo. No doubt some of you are working out with Joe Wicks every morning! Maintaining your physical health will help to keep you mentally healthy – again, a lot of support is being signposted towards support in this area.

To those who are essential workers, in the NHS, social care, keeping our food shelves stocked – we thank you for your efforts, stay safe, we will all do our best not to put extra stress on you.

Take care everyone, and we will see you on the other side.

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No Judo tonight due to voting

Just a quick reminder that there will be no Judo tonight, as the hall is in use as a polling station.

See you in the pub!

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Christmas Judo

Hopefully on 1st December, it is now ok to use the ‘C’ word – Christmas!

Our opening times during December and the festive period are shown below:

  • 3rd Dec – as normal
  • 5th Dec – as normal
  • 10th Dec – as normal
  • 12th Dec – closed for voting
  • 17th Dec – as normal
  • 19th Dec – final session before Christmas. Please feel free to ply us all with alcohol in The Manor after the session!

Classes will restart on Tuesday 7th January 2020.

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Club closed for half term

Please note that there will be no Judo over the half term week, Tuesday 29th and Thursday 31st October.

Classes will recommence on Tuesday 5th November.

The school has suggested that in future holidays there may be a chance to open, as other groups are also interested in remaining open – this is likely to be on a Thursday. We will keep you informed.

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Club closed for May half term

As well as the previously advised closure for voting in the European elections, we will be closed over the half term period. There will be no judo on the following dates:

  • Thursday 23rd May
  • Tuesday 28th May
  • Thursday 30th May
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Club closure due to European election

It was confirmed yesterday that the UK will be taking part in the European election on Thursday 23rd May.

As the school hall will once again be used as a polling station, there will be no judo that evening.

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Local elections force club closure

Please note that as the school hall is used as a polling station, there will be no Judo on Thursday 2nd May.

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Weather Update – judo cancelled Thursday 31 January

Based on the latest weather updates, which show heavy snow arriving during club session times, we have decided to cancel tonight’s session.

We apologise for any inconvenience.

Normal sessions will resume from Tuesday 5 February.

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Half term closure

Please note that there will be no judo over the October half term week:

  • Tuesday 23rd
  • Thursday 25th

Classes will resume as normal from Tuesday 1st November

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No Judo Tuesday 18 September

Please note that due to a lack of coach availability, there will be no Judo on Tuesday 18 September.

Classes will resume as normal on Thursday 20 September.

We apologise for inconvenience.

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