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One more squad session before the Hampshire Closed!

The final Hampshire squad before the Closed tournament will run on Sunday 15th March, at Eastleigh’s Fleming Park Leisure Centre. The session will commence at 10am and run until 12 noon.

Previous sessions this year have seen over 50 players – junior and senior – attend.

This final session will be led by one of Hampshire’s most successful male players of recent year, Sam Potts. Sam has a number of national titles to his credit and always delivers an engaging enjoyable session.

Entry for the Hampshire Closed on Sunday 29th March is now open. Entry can be made online at Last date for entries is 22nd March.

Attendance at squad sessions and results at the Closed will be used to determine the teams to represent Hampshire in the forthcoming Intercounty tournament against Surrey, Sussex and Kent.

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Look who else is back…

Maddi with London 2012 Olympic medallist Karina Bryant

Jill is not the only familiar face to return to the club.

Maddi Cox has also returned, helping out on the desk and other admin bits for us.

Maddi represented Portsmouth in the 2013 and 2014 Hampshire & Isle of Wight Games, and took part in many of our demonstrations, most memorably at Solent Junior where she got to slap Andy Read… (She’s probably going to slap me for using this old photo).

We are delighted to welcome Maddi back to the club.

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Look who’s back…

We are delighted to welcome Jill Brown back on the mat!

Jill was one of the original founders of the club in 1993, when we moved from Cosham Community Centre to the school. As well as coaching, Jill has also served as secretary and treasurer for the club.

Both her sons – Simon and Ian – represented the club, and we are pleased to now welcome her grandson Oliver onto the mat.

Jill was absolutely crucial to the club’s success during the 1990s and first decade of the 21st century. It was always her belief that judo should be beautiful as well as effective.

Jill retired from the club in 2010, after achieving most of her judo goals – including having met Neil Adams a number of times!

Graded to 1st kyu and only a smidgen away from attaining her Dan grade, Jill is also a qualified Club Coach and holds a CCPR Higher Sports Leader award. Jill was shortlisted for The News Sports Coach of the Year.

We are delighted to have Jill back on the mat and look forward to working with her again – and helping her gain that elusive black belt that she so deserves.

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Win Google prizes with Portsmouth Lottery

There are great prizes to be won on the Portsmouth Lottery!

As well as a chance to win a cash prize of £25,000 you could win 1 of 5 Google Nest mini bundles and a fitbit.

Just visit our page on the Portsmouth Lottery to purchase your weekly ticket! 50p from every ticket sold comes back to the club and helps us to keep our mat fees as low as possible and start to save towards mat replacement.

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February squad session

The next Hampshire squad session is being held at Fleming Park leisure centre on Sunday 16 February.

Starting at 10 am and running for two hours, the session is open to all competitively minded players (junior aged 8 and over and senior). There is a £5 mat fee.

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February half term – no judo

The school has confirmed that there will be no evening access to the premises over the half term period, so there will be no judo on the following dates:

  • Tuesday 18 February
  • Thursday 20 February

Classes will recommence as normal on Tuesday 25 February.

Don’t forget the Hampshire squad session on Sunday 16 February!

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Grading successes

We have been a little remiss in adding details of the new grades recently, so starting from last summer here are all the latest grade promotions! Some have graded more than once, so we have only listed the most recent grade awarded.

  • Blake Stirling – 2nd sho
  • Amy Roberts – 6th kyu (red belt)
  • Rosalind Hill – 1st sho
  • Hollie Brumwell – 1st sho
  • John Luijken – 6th mon
  • Chloe Lymer – 7th mon (orange belt)
  • Michael Churcher – 2nd kyu (blue belt)

Well done all players!

Don’t forget, to grade you must have a current membership of the British Judo Association.

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Return of the Purple Belt

We have brought the Purple Belt back to Thursday’s beginners’ class.

The Purple Belt will be awarded weekly to the player who shows the best judo and demonstrates the highest level of behaviour that week. They will get to wear the Purple Belt during the following week’s lesson and take their place at the head of line, regardless of grade.

This way, we hope to motivate the players to follow the precepts of the Judo Code.

The judo code is a set of ethics that judoka should live by on and off the mat. There are eight values that make up the Code, outlined by judo’s founder Jigoro Kano. 

Kano believed the Judo Code to be of the utmost importance in the development of a judoka. His aim above all others was that judoka should become honourable and valuable members of the community they live in.

To be polite to others

To face difficulties with bravery

To be sincere with your thoughts and actions

To do what is right and stand by your principles

To be without ego in your actions and thoughts

To appreciate others

Self Control
To be in control of your emotions

To be a good companion and friend

Embodying these principles will enable the young judoka to demonstrate their compliance with the Judo Kids Sho requirements:

1st Sho

Hygiene & Safety

Always wear a clean judo-gi and t-shirt (girls) • Short, clean finger and toe nails • Tie hair back if long • Listen and do what the coach asks • Look after your partner when practising • Do not kick, punch or bite anyone • Do not go close to the edge of the mat

2nd Sho


Respect other judo players, your coach and everyone • Bow to your partner • Look after your partner • Listen to the coach • Watch the coach • Do what the coach asks on the mat

3rd Sho

Fair Play

No biting, scratching, kicking or pulling hair • No swearing • No cheating in games or activities • Everyone gets a turn • Obey the dojo rules

Judo ultimately is a combat sport. Abiding to the rules helps to keep it safe and enjoyable for everyone

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Judo classes restart Tuesday 7th January!

Looking to work off that Christmas over-indulgence? Then look no further!

Judo classes restart this Tuesday in the main hall at Court Lane Junior School, Hilary Avenue, Cosham.

  • Junior beginners, 6 – 7pm
  • Junior advanced and adults, 7 – 8pm

Lessons also run every Thursday, times as above.

First lesson is free, then a £5 mat fee on a pay as you go basis.

All coaches are British Judo Association qualified and DBS checked. You can find out more about us on our FAQ and coaches pages.

We look forward to seeing you on the mat!

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Hampshire Judo 2020 events

Hampshire Judo have announced their competition calendar for next year.

All events will be held at Fleming Park Leisure Centre, Eastleigh

  • 29 March – Hampshire Closed
  • 12 July – Hampshire Red, Yellow belt and senior Kyu grade cup
  • 25 October – Hampshire Open and Adaptive Open

All entries will be via

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